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Re-classes double with TK1

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:37 pm
by Hot Asien Teen

Our world consists of Sem BCS with Matrix of Company and PC. So we can do COI on management data, we reclass all items to a central PC (one per segment).

When this reclass has a translation indicator in its trigger amounts, it doubles the value every time the monitor is run. The totals ODS looks to be complete without any difficulties. So, say the actual trigger is 10 GBP, the monitor is run 4 times, the reclass trigger is indicated as 40, and that is what is reclassed as a journal. Regardless of the fact that the totals ODS has a value of 10.

The cons area is set to delete all when a task is re-executed.

This seems like an OSS issue, and we have a ticket open. I just wondered if anyone has seen this type of misbehavin' before?