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Assignment of Manual Doc Types not carryg forward to future

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Assignment of Manual Doc Types not carryg forward to future

Postby anderc2 » Mon Apr 23, 2007 10:10 am

We are noticing that the assignement of a manual document type in a
task does not always carry forward to future periods/years. This is
time consumming to check for and if missed causes a credibility problem
between the business and the technical group along with between the
business and use of SAP in general.
Let me give an example: We recently had a defect from the business
that they were unable to use doc type 69 in the period 003/2007 (this
was for version 100 in our case). All of our doc type config is done
with the initial period of 012/2004 for version 100 and 016/2005 for
version 200. Regardless of the version it comes up missing in later
periods. To continue with the example, doc type 69 had been added with
version 100 and the intial period of 012/2004. The only way we can
find what is missing after the initial config is done is to go period
by period year by year (16 periods per year and we usually go through
2010 and then spot check through 2020). In our example I found the
config missing in 001/2007 and 003/2007 so I had to add doc type to the
task in those 2 separate periods. Meanwhile, while I was looking I
found aother doc types missing in at least 5 other periods from
012/2004 through 002/2020. This is not a good way to do config. We
need to know that when we add doc types to a task they will be there
until we remove them. Has anyone else had this problem? As a second piece is there a table/cube look up that we can use
to automatically run a report that will show this information to us
rather than having to go period by period, refreshing the screen each
to make sure we are getting a true screen view and not a leftoever view
from the previous lookup. The screens do not always refresh when you
go to a new period which makes it even more time consumiing because I
have to force it to go to another screen to make sure that when I come
back it will have a fresh screen. Anyone know of a report that can help validate the config to avoid this problem?
Thanks! Cheri
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Doc types

Postby itisme » Tue Apr 24, 2007 4:36 pm


Search the OSS notes and apply the solution if it is there.

Otherwise submit this issue to SAP.

It would be a patch level issue.


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