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Help in Concept Model - Need Senior idea

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Help in Concept Model - Need Senior idea

Postby vfigueroa » Thu Nov 16, 2006 3:32 pm

Hi, i need expert concept help for this model.

thank you.

Global Structure :

-Principal Office
-- 4 departaments - A,B,C and D
---- 2 areas - Z and X
------ 300 offices

1) Principal Office elaborate 1 Word File = (DOC1).

2) Principal Office send the (DOC1) to all Departaments the company or (DOC1) is disponible in WEB for the 4 Departaments.

3) The departaments elaborate 1 Word file looking the (DOC1) and send to Departament (B) = ( Recibe 4 word documents ).

4) The departament(B) merge the 4 documents in word format + (DOC1) and elaborate the (DOC2).

5) The (DOC2) is publish in the WEB or Sendend to 300 offices.

6) the 300 offices need fill the BPS web interfaz looking the (DOC2) and need fill 3 big texts box in the BPS-WIB.

7) the area(Z) recibe only the datas from characteristics and keyframes the WIB, but the system have the relation by the 3 big texts box filled in the BPS WIB.

7A)the area(Z) aggregate the datas from BPS WIB and look the (DOC2) for elaborate the workbook.

Woorkbook have 80 pages and 4 aggregate reports.
So i need Print the final workbook automatic the 80 pages or export to PDF for the print.

8) the area(X) recibe the 3 big texts from 300 offices.

8A) The area(X) converted the 3 big text in the KPI using USER CONCEPT OR USER CRITERIAL and COUNT the KPI.

So after set priority the KPI using the KPI COUNTS.

YOU can help me in Some conceptual model or SAP Tools for use ?

Very Thank you.
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