Consolidation hierarchy

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Consolidation hierarchy

Post by CF_L » Sun Oct 22, 2006 8:48 pm

I have set up the SEM-BCS in the following matter
1) One data basis with company and cons profit center assigned with the role of consoldiation unit
2) Two consolidation area with one area for company consolidation and the other one is for profit center consolidation.
3) Have use the characteristic of controlling area to segregate the data basis to two different consolidation area

During the configuration and testing of the monitor, I noted the following
1) When I create the company hierarchy in one consolidation area, I can see the hierarchy in both consolidation area via the company master data configuration. However, when I create the profit center in one consolidation area, it only existed in the consolidation in which it was created and not the other consolidation area when I view it at cons profit center master data configuration . Is this standard? Or the hierarchy set up is consolidation area independent or dependant?

2) How to display the hierarchy by company in the monitor of one consolidation area and the hierarchy by profit center in the monitor of the other consolidation area?

Hope for reply and thanks in advance.

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