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Variable text for head of column

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Variable text for head of column

Postby CHC » Thu Sep 14, 2006 8:27 am

Instead of ntering the text for the heading of a row, I want to have this text dynamically changed based on the characteristic shown in this row.

F1 help says (see below) it's easy by using "Dynamic Columns", but this is not working for me...
Am I missing something ?!

This field contains the column heading, or the text of a row of the lead column in manual planning. If you first only enter the technical names of the element in the field "Characteristic" or "Key figure" for a new layout element (characteristic or key figure), then the system automatically inserts the short text of this element into the field "Heading".

Use of Variables
If you want to use a variable within the text, then enter the technical name of the variable in uppercase characters. If the variable is to be provided with an offset, then within the text, use a character string of the form "VARIABLE+1" or "VARIABLE-1" (without blank characters). You can also use "static" text and "variable" text in a heading (for example "Sales in year VARIABLE+1").

Dynamic Columns
If you use dynamic columns and want to have the respective characteristic value displayed, then enter the technical name of the dynamic characteristic in upper case. You can find the name in a dynamic column or row displayed as the value for the dynamic characteristic. YOu can also mix static and variable text here (for example "Sales in region 0REGION").

Effect at Execution Time
At the execution time (when displaying or entering data) variables is replaced by the corresponding value. The value which is determined by the system, depends on the variable settings. The dynmaic columns are generated from the selection at execution time and the texts changed correspondingly.
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