Data from SEM embedded into Bex report?

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Data from SEM embedded into Bex report?

Post by Anthony » Mon Jan 13, 2003 5:47 am

Client requires an unusual report perhaps someone out there has done this?
The cube receives data from two sources 1) R/3 transaction data and 2) SEM planning layout.
Still working in BEX for now, the R/3 data needs to be reported in a normally structured user defined financial statement. However at the top of the report, above the the finanial statement, the user requires the SEM plan data (input via SEM) vs actual data (input via R/3). The characteristics will be different between top and bottom parts of the report.
I have thought of jump targets but I am sure there are some smart problem solvers out there that can help.
Any ideas would be much appreciated?

-I've moved this posting to the SEM forum, but with a shadow in BW forum, sothat you have more chances to get an answer. Ch-
-PS oups, didn't noticed you already did it on your own...-

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