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Class characteristic linking to MIC

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 1:50 pm
by nireferee
I have a specific quantitative class characteristic that is linked 1:1 to a MIC. The MIC is used in many inspection plans. I updated the class characteristic's number of characters from 2 to 3 and updated Char. Values from 0 - 99 to 0 - 999. I also made a minor update to the associated MIC to get a new version number. I ran QS61 to maintain material specifications. When updating an inspection plan (with a new version of the associated MIC), the data is not pulling the new value range for the lower and upper spec limits (it remains as the original range of 0 - 99).

Note: the MIC in the inspection plan is not unlocked.

Is it possible to get this to update from 0 - 99 to 0 - 999? Or do I need to create a new Class characteristic and associated MIC?