How to create serial nr not in QE51N but on a front

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How to create serial nr not in QE51N but on a front

Post by Rienk » Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:46 am

Situation: We are creating a frontend application for executing a QM process with serialized materials.. The application will communicate with the SAP R/3 backend using SAP Gateway OData services. In these services we call standard BAPI’s for executing the process (retrieving data from inspection lots, entering inspection results and so on).
Question: How to assign serial numbers to an Inspection Lot through a standard SAP solution (BAPI, Class or FM)?
Process description:
- We create an inspection lot based on a purchase order
- The material involved has a serial number profile
- During the MM process, equipments are not yet created for these materials.
- We want to create equipment for these materials during the QM process, and assign the serial numbers to the inspection lot. In our process equipment numbers and serial numbers are synchronized.
Because we execute our process through a frontend app we are not able to create serial nr during results recording (QE51N). But we have been unable to find a BAPI, Class our FM that is able to do the assignment of the serial numbers to the inspection lot. We have extensively debugged the function group/program in which transaction QE51N is executed. But the serial number assignment logic calls a number of unreleased FM’s which have no parameters and use global data from the function group. Using or copying this seems like a long and error-prone path.
Can you help us??
Many tks in advance
Rien van Kesteren

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