Batch conform for almost every usage

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Batch conform for almost every usage

Post by scienceyan » Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:48 pm


We buy a material (ex : 1234) which has an inspection upon receive. Once it pass the inspection, the stock goes in unrestricted as usual.
Then, the material can go into a lot of make material (90+).

My problem is that sometimes, even if it pass the incoming inspection, we don't want to use it for one specific material out of the 90+ (ex : ABCD) since we know this material won't perform as intended.

I don't want to block the "defect" batches of material 1234 since it will become very time consuming to unblock when a production order will be release. I'll have to unblock the batch 1234 for all the production order for the 90+ materials except for the material ABCD (because I will cause a performance issue for sure !).

I thought about creating a new material which I could use to manage the "defect" stock of material 1234 that will be use only for material ABCD, but this will cause other issue of inventory managment.

Any suggestion ?

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