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Sample Labels Printing problem

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 5:02 pm
by Shriks
Hi Experts,
We are running into an issue with printing sample labels after Process Order Release. My Issue is the sample lable is not getting printed from QPR2 but the status changes to LBPR. In CQ85, I've added a plant specific entry for reference order QM03, list LG02, mrp *. I have the output device set to 02, and specified a zebra printer on the network. The order type is linked to print program RQPRPP10. Additionally, in the 'forms' overview, I added the same plant specific entry with the printer name (again, there is also a generic masked entry). After the release of the Process order,since there is an early Inspection Lot setup, the physical sample would be created and would be in REL status. On printing from QPR2, the status on the sample changes to LBPR, but label is not printed. There is also no spool request generated.
Can anyone help me in understanding where I could have gone wrong?

Thanks in advance.