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LSMW for QC02

Post by MLU » Wed Mar 11, 2015 8:48 am

Hi all
I have created a LSMW to update the certificate profile materials list via QC02. A plain recording with a batch input session and it works fine when loading all new materials to new sort numbers. However, when challenging the load I see some issues:
If I manually via QC02 want to 1) add an already assigned material to a new sort number or 2) add a new material to an existing sort number, I am blocked by an error message (which is good).
If I run the LSMW batch input in foreground, the same happens (also good).
If I run the batch input in background, I am not stopped by an error message. What happens is that in case 1) the entry with the existiting sort number is deleted and the material is entered with the new sort number (not so good). In case 2 the batch input simply overwrite the already existing material with the one from the load file for the given sort number (even worse!)

Why do the batch input in background ignore the error messages genereated in a manual maintenance/foreground task?

Can I build in an error check to catch any materials already loaded or sort numbers already used?


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