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Auto UD woth Long Term Characteristics

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Auto UD woth Long Term Characteristics

Post by QMNewbie » Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:07 pm


We need to use long term characteristics for 1 operation in an insp lot for testing that will require about a weeks wait for results. We also would like to use Auto UD for these lots so that we can release the stock for further processing before LT characteristic results are recorded. I am running into a problem getting the auto UD to process the lot. If I set the LT chars to be required the auto UD does not recognize the lot as complete but it I set the chars to optional the UD processes and then the user will have to reset the insp lot status before they can enter their results in QE51N.

From what I have been reading the UD job should recognize these characteristics as LT and set my insp lot status to LTIN not UD. Am I missing something somewhere in my master data?

All characteristics (short and long term) are set up as required and the material master is set to allow auto UD.

Thanks in advance!

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