CoA for insp.point based IPC

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CoA for insp.point based IPC

Post by Trygve » Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:55 am


I'm going to make CoA for a material based on an in-process inspection lot. We use freely defined insp.point, and the insp.point is set ut so that during UD I see the average of the insp.points, thus if I do two insp.points (5 parallells) with avg values 70 & 72 I see the value 71 when doing UD.

When doing the CoA if I choose 'Result selection lvl' :
'Summary' :arrow: I get only the last insp.point, thus the CoA shows 72.
' Mean value of the sample/insp.point' :arrow: I get both 70 & 72 on the CoA
'Origin value' :arrow: I get the five individual results for the last insp.point

I'm a bit confused since I'd expected the system to behave the same way in the CoA as in the insp.lot, thus giving me 71 in the CoA.

Have I overlooked something or will I have to develop my own 'Result selection lvl' to get the wanted average value of the insp.points ?

Any ideas ?

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