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MIC at ILOT level and at Insp. Pt (Equipment) level

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MIC at ILOT level and at Insp. Pt (Equipment) level

Postby samseiden » Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:35 pm

I have an ILOT generated from origin 14 with many Equipment using Object List Item tab in IP41. This IP41 uses Gen. Task List and Inspection Point 300 and has Insp. Char. For values to be updated from an external system for each Equipment.
Normally one would have one ILOT for a material with a set of char. In this case the relationship is one-one for ILOT and the set of Char. In my case, I have one ILOT, Many Equipment, each with its own set of char values recorded. So ILOT is like a header and Each Equipment and it set of Char value has become like line items. But I also need to have a set of char values at ILOT level. This way, I can print Char values at ILOT level as Cover sheet and Each Equipment and it’s set of char values as line item in the next page as a spreadsheet like below:
Cover sheet:
Equipment: New/used/ Client owned
Inspection Type: Verification/ Reverification
And many more…
Results Sheets
Equipment # Char1 Char2 Char n
Equipment 1 Value x Value y Value z
Equipment 2 Value x Value y Value z
Values x,y,z will come from an External Test console through interface.

QM solution:

Question#1 is how to define and record a set of char values for Cover sheet at ILOT Level. More so, Some char in the cover sheet needs to have a Pull down list for user to choose from “New/used/ Client owned” and one of the value say “New” defaulted , some char with only value defaulted & changeable, some char with only value defaulted & not changeable, Some char with Text entry like Longtext. If the reply can be given for each Char type mentioned above, will be great. Obviously this can be done with a custom IC printing solution, but I want to exhaust any standard SAP option.
It would be ideal if I can use a Class/ Char wherein I can take care of all of the above char type requirement. But the issue is Material Class 001 is only for search purpose. Equipment Class 002 is a line item in my scenario and not useful for recording Coversheet-Header detail at ILOT level. I am not using Batch because I can`t relate a Batch with Equipment much like one can setup a Serial no. to be same as Equipment no. Even if I can manage this, Batch becomes line item in my scenario.
Any solution based on MIC will not work as MIC in my scenario is a Line item under each Equipment. Inspection Certificate (IC): Standard SAP IC printing is based on printing for One ILOT or one Material. Please suggest.

PM solution: I am generating Maint Order (IW33) from the Maint Plan (IP41) and maint. Order automatically generating ILOT. Thus I have one to one relationship between ILOT and Main. Order.

Question#2: I am wondering if any PM expert can suggest a way of maintaining the coversheet char types at the Maint. Order level in a change mode after it is created from Maint. Plan.
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