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Challenging problem

Logistics QM

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Challenging problem

Postby hz79hc » Thu May 29, 2014 12:02 pm

For me, at least--I am used to using QM in discrete part manufacturing but current situation is in a process industry.

When planning Insp Type 03, we're doing Insp with Task List and Insp with Material spec. Some MICs are used in both of those sources rather than only one. For those, several have reference link to MIC broken in the Master Recipe.

We need a best approach to avoid or control so the standard copying of the redundant MICs from the Material Specification doesn't happen. Need Inspection Lots to not have the 9000+ numbered characteristics brought in because then the Lot has 2 characteristics with the same MIC name. Can anyone relate something they've done or offer ideas to be tried? That's the best way I can state this. I can add a few more points that may help understand my situation. Yes, these characteristics do go into 2 different Operations--one has spec limits from the Task List (special spec limits entered when breaking the links) and the other gets its limits from the MICs by the copying from the Material Spec. We've inherited several constraints from non-QM decisions. Materials are going through more than one unique processing stream (same Group with different Group Counter) in the same Plant. We can't do anything drastic--no added Plants, no added Material numbers. Not sure yet how much we may be able to do with the MICs and the Master Recipes. I know we have to keep the Material Specification because of Batch tie-in but I also think we have to keep the inspections defined in the task list for other reasons.

Thank you for ideas or experiences you can share.
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