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Auto UD using QA10 with Notification

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Auto UD using QA10 with Notification

Postby helsmith9 » Mon Mar 03, 2014 7:56 am


Hoping someone can help
I have created an Inspection Lot and have failed a MIC through QE51N with " defect recording" set . This has meant that with the right config settings a Quality Notification has been created.
I have then gone back into QE51N and "unlocked " the MIC and changed the result so that the MIC now passes . This then automatically sets the Deletion flag in the Notification and sets it to complete ( NOCO)

I was then expecting to be able to trigger the QA10 transaction and the auto UD would run and "accept " the UD , but instead no entries exist in QA10 , which i was not expecting
I then thought that any open notification for that material may be causing the IL to not be picked up by QA10 but i checked and there were no open notifications , they were all status NOCO , so now i am not sure why the IL is not being picked up by QA10
i know i have all the other settings set correctly ( like Auto UD setting in Material Master and the correct Inspection Type selected in QA10 ), as i have run the QA10 successfully for this same material on an IL were there were no failed MICs and no Notifications created
So all i can assume now , is that any IL that has previously had a notification created - even though the notification is now closed , that QA10 will not recognise this IL and therefore not process the UD

Can anyone shed any more light on this ?

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