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CoA: Delivey in one plant, Inspection Lot in another

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CoA: Delivey in one plant, Inspection Lot in another

Postby Hans Bjelke » Fri Nov 08, 2002 7:48 am

we have a production plant which makes Product A. Analysis are carried our for inspection type "04", and CoA are automatically printed as a message in the delivery.
However, we have a special case, where the Goods have been transferred to other plant, which operates as distribution center. And we sell the product A from this plant. When we try to print the CoA (we have created a profile and assigned to the material ) , the system cannot find the characteristics value (inspection lot is in the production plant).
Is there any work around to this problem?
Customer requires that CoA includes info about delivery number & quantity, which are only stored in distribution plant. I mean, we cannot use the CoA for batch or inspection lot, it has to be for the delivery

I thought in creating a manual inspection lot in this plant, including the values from the original Inspecion lot, but seems like a dirty trick...
Any help will be appreciated.
Hans Bjelke

Postby Trygve » Mon Nov 11, 2002 5:13 am

Hi !

If you inspect with Material spec, you'll get your analytical results transfered to the batch, and the batch will carry the results to the new plant. In your CoA-profile make sure that you choose 'Result origin' = 'Result data from gen. char of Batch'

The CoA should then pick the results from the batch, and you'll get your CoA.
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Postby QM-Dude » Mon Nov 11, 2002 5:23 am


first let us know what release you are working with.

The CoA result finding process will check the 'Batch-where-used-list' (TA: MB56). Inspection results can be found along the batch history. Check the certificate profile for correct settings. Now, in case of stock transfer, the batch-where-used-list will be updated only for specific processes like the UBSD (Stock transfer with SD order). Then the Btach-where-used-list will show that the stock has been transferred from the production plant to a distribution center. If you apply a standard transfer order or even a delivery process, the batch-where-used-list will not be updated (assuming that you apply no user-exits in SD) and so the result can't be found. So check you business process first, if you apply UBSD or may apply that in future. If so, you are set. Forget about the resulkt transfer to the batch classification. You wont be happy with that if you have many inspection characteristics and even flexible ones. The SAP classification system is nice, but let's say, has some room for improvements...

With the above described process we handle our business in our European System for approx. 150 plants in 11 countries.

Best regards
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