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Optional characteristic

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Optional characteristic

Postby Waeb » Fri Nov 08, 2002 5:54 am

Hi !

I would like to set up an optional quantitative characteristic in order to sometimes record results.
I set it up with the following parameters in the control indicators :
1) sampling procedure
2) single result
3) optional characteristic
4) fixed scope

The problem is that if I do not flag the indicator "confirm values", I cannot record any result. And if I do flag it, then the field "result" is defined as mandatory.

How is it possible to solve this ?

Thank you in advance for your advice,

Postby Guest » Fri Nov 08, 2002 7:27 am


If I understood you question correct you want to have it optional to give result. The point is that if your MIC is optional you don't have to give it result(s) in order to have in automatic UD-run. If your MIC is mandatory, your material stays in QI stock as long as you have given all the required results. Of course you can always force an inspection lot to status completed by giving UD manually.

Are you sure there are no extra settings in the results recording -view? If you have a customer view and/or transaction to give results... What transaction do you use to record results?

For me it has been working fine.


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