COA - Generating Customer Specific Specs

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COA - Generating Customer Specific Specs

Post by wally2321 » Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:20 pm

Hello SAP Fans,
I am getting my feet wet in the SAP QM module and I need some assistance.

Here is the current situation…. I have created generic characteristics which are grouped into logical classes that match the product lines. Each characteristic (for example “Density”) has a large range given it will be used for multiple parts (which each have a different specification). I then assigned the class characteristic to a MIC again keeping the large range. I then assign the MIC to the inspection plan. In the inspection plan, I unlock the characteristic so I can change the lower and upper limits given that I referenced a generic characteristic. This all works great, except for when I need to create the COA. When printing the COA, I generating the COA based on the Inspection Plan specification ranges, but these are based on the manufacturing range which is much tighter than the customer specification range.
How do I generate a COA where the customer specific range (upper and lower limits) prints oppose to the manufacturing limits? I often have one material with one manufacturing limit sold to two customers with unique specification ranges (upper and limits).
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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Re: COA - Generating Customer Specific Specs

Post by Craig » Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:37 pm

A question often asked.

Given your current design, I suggest you set up your customer specifications as batch search strategy records. You can set up two tables there, one material only, and one as material/customer number. Your general material specs might be different than your manufacturing specs too. So you can put those in the material table and any customer specific ones in the material/customer table.

This can help you in two ways. One, it will help ensure that a batch actually meets the spec when assigned to an order or a delivery.

Two, you can use these records for your specification origin. You need to create a new FM for your COA specification origins. You'll find the configuration under QM-->Quality Certificates-->Certificate Profile-->Define Data Origin
Then in the next screen select "Origin of characteristic specifications".
Add a new entry and insert your FM for it.


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