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Handling issue with inspection operations

Logistics QM

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Handling issue with inspection operations

Postby cw78 » Mon May 13, 2013 6:04 am

Hi guys,

maybe somebody could help me. I have the following sceanrio:

Material (batch handled) is QM relevant (inspection type 01, creation of inspection lot at goods receipt)
The material has to be checked at several stages through the process - so first check directly at goods receipt, next checks when material arrives in production, some technical checks in between,...
My idea so far was to handle this all in one inspection lot by splitting the different types of checks by different operations. Each operation gets a workcenter (e.g. Goods receipt, production, QM department,...) for selection.

The main problem is now the handling during this process and a kind of missing status on operation level. The first guy in goods receipt does his checks (result recording for "his" characteristics). The problem now is, that in QE72 this operation will not "disappear" after result recording. It will stay there until the whole inpsection lot is finished (and there might be a time gap between first check and finish of several weeks).

What are the options or alternatives? Anyway to solve this via inspection points? Is it possible to create an inspection point per operation/workcenter automatically when the inspection lot is created? Via inspection points it might be possible to filter the finished ones (in QE71).

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Re: Handling issue with inspection operations

Postby AIZ » Thu May 16, 2013 10:42 pm

Inspection points can work , but why can you not have an inspection type 03 set up for online checks and 04 with early release inspection lot and inspection plan with another operation?
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