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Defect Class

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Defect Class

Postby AIZ » Wed Apr 03, 2013 5:36 pm


I had a question on defect class

1. Whenever i reject a characteristic i get a defect class as major defect. Is there a way to make it critical or minor?

2. Is there a way to link defect class to result values

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Re: Defect Class

Postby Trygve » Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:54 am

I haven't been working with defects, but at least for qualitative MIC you define the defect class in the selected set.
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Re: Defect Class

Postby Craig » Wed May 01, 2013 8:29 am

A defect code can be assigned in two places.

One place is in the QM plant settings which is of course a high level setting.

You influence the defect type in the master inspection characteristic set up. In the MIC setup assign a defect code from catalog 9 to the MIC, (under the catalogs button). The defect type, is than drawn from the defect code which is established when you set up the defect codes. You can set up several codes depending on the MIC set up. I.e. one code for less than spec, one for greater than spec, a general code, etc...

Each code is than assigned a defect type. You may need a fair number of these. You might not want to define every characteristic that is over the spec value as major defect. For instance in slurries we often have a range value for total solids, say 85.0 - 87%. Obviously its a critical defect of we are below 85. On the other side we don't want to give away product so the max is important but we aren't going to sweat it if the occasional batch has 87.5% solids so we only want an over tolerance to be a minor defect in this case. But for say the pH we can't exceed 8.0. That would need to be a major defect. So you need multiple codes.

OOS - out of spec general
OUPA - Above upper spec A
OUPB - Above upper spec B
OUPC - Above upper spec C
OUPD - Above upper spec D
OLOA - Below lower spec A
OLOB - Below lower spec B
OLOC - Below lower spec C
OLOD - Below lower spec D

You can create as many combination as you need to meet the needs of all your different characteristics.

Be careful about getting too granular. This could force you to create additional characteristics as once you define the defect types they apply to all the materials using that MIC. So if you define an out of spec PH as a major defect, you might have materials where that doesn't really apply. So than you would need another PH MIC created that used a minor defect code instead. (or at least another version of the MIC).

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