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Inspection point results during UD

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:05 am
by Evguenia
We are using the following scenario:
03 inspection type with inspection points 100
Sampling procedure has got valuation mode 700 - mean value
within tolerance limits

When we record results for 2 or 3 inspection points with some
of the results out of spec and then go to make UD, in the list of chars
relevant for UD the system summarizes recorded values. If a test result from
the last insp point is out of spec, then it is displayed in the list. If the
test result is in spec in the last insp point, then char is not listed, even
though there was a result out of spec recorded in one of the insp points.

For example, test A with lower limit 1 and upper limit 10

Insp point 1 test result = 9

Insp point 2 test result = 15

Insp point 3 test result = 9

In UD screen, test A is not listed as char relevant for UD,
even though for insp point 2 result is out of spec. And the average of all
three insp points is also out of spec.

What the business would like to see is that if a result is recorded out of spec for any of the insp points, then the char should be displayed in chars relevant for UD with a red cross next to it.

Does anybody know what drives SAP logic to look at the last insp point during UD? And can it be changed through config?

Inspection point identifier 100 does not have Last Inspected Sample Is Valid

Thanks in advance

Re: Inspection point results during UD

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:14 am
by ask
Please read this post in the forum. "Valuation of MIC - Insp.point vs UD - Solved"
It refers to the specific problem you have. You may ignore the first few messages as they may mislead you a bit. But later, Craig and I discuss your scenario.