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Quality Certificates

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Quality Certificates

Postby vicmvalencia » Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:07 am

Hello SAP FANS!!!

I have some difficulties to print a Quality Certificate.

I have done everything from Creating a Certificate Profile, the Adobe Form, assign Characteristics etc. Created an inspection lot, give a usage decision to that inspection lot. Created a Delivery. When I run the Certificate View under QC02 or 03 I'm able to see the QC. No problem so far.

Then I assign the QC to the Material/Customer Combination

Then I Created the Certificate Recipient under VV21 assigning the output type LQCA with Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division and Customer.

Finally I Create a Certificate for delivery using QC20. My inputs are the Output type LQCA, and the Delivery number, but an error message is displayed:

No Messages for initial processing exist. Message no. VN108

Need any help to fix this please... I might be missing something but I'm not know what.

I appreciate your time..

Best regards.

Vic Val
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Re: Quality Certificates

Postby Craig » Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:00 pm

In the delivery is the output LQCA on the delivery?
I believe the error message indicates that no output is on the delivery.
This would mean the condition table is not set up right to create them on the delivery.
Or the output was create in such a way as to automatically process it and when you run QC20 it is only finding processed outputs.

Check the output directly in the delivery.

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