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CWBQM - mass material assignments

Logistics QM

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CWBQM - mass material assignments

Postby nsr001 » Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:33 pm

Hello all,
searched forums but haven't found any precise answer yet.... has anyone used CWBQM to assign several materials to an inspection plan in one go? w/o using LSMW or BAPI, could just CWBQM do the job.... it would be great, if somebody could share his/her experience.


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Re: CWBQM - mass material assignments

Postby Craig » Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:01 pm

yes.. it can be used to do mass assignments.

Once in CWBQM, select all plans, from the drop down menu select Task Lists-->Material-Task List assignments

The assignments will be shown.
In the context section remove the Group and group counter shown. (sometimes this defaults in a value from history and only a few assignments are shown. Remove them if they are and hit enter).
All assignments should be shown.

From here you can mass delete any you need to.

To add, go to the bottom of the list and you should have open fields to add new ones.

I find it best to set up my data in Excel in the same order as in the CWBQM screen. You can then copy and paste in 24 at a time.

It's not a mass load per say but it is much faster than QP02 and you can run in a several thousand records in less than an hour once you get the copy/paste keystrokes and down.

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