QM-IDI, change status from MSUB to SUB, LIMS - SOLVED

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QM-IDI, change status from MSUB to SUB, LIMS - SOLVED

Post by Bertha » Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:56 pm

Hello QM gurus,

We are trying to set up the QM-IDI interface.
So far, we have the inspection lots added to the QIWL table and marked as status MSUB-marked for subsystem.
When we run the RFC from the subsystem to download the data, the status for the inspection lots are not updated in QIWL, nor in the inspection lot itself and not the processing status in the characteristics either.

what we do is:
1. we call the fm QIRF_SEND_REQUIRMENTS_GET_DAT2 (indicator set lock entries in QM= X)
According to help.sap function module QIRF_SEND_REQUIRMENTS_GET_DAT2 performs two steps in one:
a. Transfer of inspection specs based on selection criteria +
b. Updating lock entries

2. we confirm Receipt of Inspection Specifications with FM QIRF_SEND_COMMIT_TO_QM
which "... must be called by the subsystem after the inspection specifications have been transferred. As a result, the transfer table (QIWL) and lock entries are updated"

we are not getting this result, status is not being updated... (version 4.6b and we are using inspection points)

any hints? have you experienced something similar?

Any help would be much appreciated


tip: when testing the QIFR functions in SAP, create a Z program where the function QIRF_SEND_COMMIT_TO_QM is executed after the one you are testing. Same for the calling program in LIMS

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Re: QM-IDI, change status from MSUB to SUB, LIMS - SOLVED

Post by nelaccs » Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:52 am

Via SE37, execute a test sequence (menu path: Funtion module > Execute > Test sequences).

You don't need a Z program to do that!

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