Notification type for RMA

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Notification type for RMA

Post by yaelb » Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:54 am


1. I'm trying to figure out how to implement the process of the RMA.
I saw in QM process note that they say to open Q2 notification for the RMA process and I think it's a mistake, because you open an RMA based on a customer complaint, which means that we need to open Q1 notification. Am I right?

2. I need to have the option to open a few RMA for the same notification, which means that I cannot open a repair sales order in the standard way. Am I right?
If I'm right, I will need to have an action box for creating a sales order, even to open VA01 and then to connect the notification number to the document flow of the sales order and the sales order number to the document flow of the notification by a certain function module that I know. Am I right? or maybe ther is a way to do it standard (some sales orders for the same notif)?

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