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inspection specification

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:06 pm
by epvn

We have requirement, each and every time business will made contract with customer for certain period/qty. and specification will be changed based on contract.
We need to inspect the material based on customer contract and specification.

How to maintain the customer specification SAP. So that when inspection lot get generated automatically specification will get assigned.

Inspection plan --Material assignment , there is field for customer , does it usefull if I maintained one customer &MAterial combination --1 group counter
or any other better way to map this req. ..what is the best way to do it.

customer info req. if we maintain any is not following to inspection lot .... what is the purpose of it.

please through some light on it


Re: inspection specification

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:36 pm
by Trygve
How to solve this will pretty much depend on your whole setup.

Never actually done this, but some thoughts around the issue :

To be able to use customer specific spec the system will need to know the customer at the time of inspection.

Never worked with it, but I'd suppose that if you're doing 04-inspection you'll probably have to do make-to-order with known customer.
The alternative is to do the inspection at the time of delivery insp.type 02/10/11/12.

Pretty sure you'll need to inspect with task list with mat/cust assigned. Can't see any other good ways of getting the spec, since as far as I know the spec must be maintained either through insp.plan or mat.spec, and the mat.spec is general (Independent of plant, insp type .....).
Never heard about getting spec from info record, but then again it's lot I haven't heard of... yet.

An alternative might be to use a general inspection and to use Batch Search Strategy when picking batches for customer.

Re: inspection specification

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:16 am
by Craig
I'd look at the multiple specifications for this. Once set up, when you perform the testing, the system can indicate which customer specs it is ok for. You basically test the material as a make-to-stock material but the UD has a section for appoving it for specific customers based on the customer specs.

It's not fun to setup and maintain but it would probably do what you want.


Re: inspection specification

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:48 pm
by ask
Multiple specs it is...Just look what criterion / field would distinguish one spec form the other. Is it valid until date or a contract number? You can then configure that as teh object field for multiple spces and further make sure that you reflect this specification based usage condition in the approriate batch characteristics. That way, when you have multiple batches sitting on stock that were tested with different specs, you can chose batch determination to pick and chose bathes based on the same dinstinguishing field (e.g. valid until or contract # in my example)

Re: inspection specification

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:10 am
by epvn
Thanks for input Craig , Anand & Trygve,

This is for liquid material stored in Tanks & Contract specific ( customer)
the challenge is how to link this contract specific customer's specfication to inspection lot assignment.

Yes it is make to order scenario only & if the material produced & business wants to ensure that particular product meet the spec. to customer's contract or not.

I'm not sure multiple specification will solve or I can use inspection plan with customer & (as suggested maintain the contract no in text field which will reflect in my inspection plan
business wants more control with less/ no devlopment.

Re: inspection specification

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 10:11 am
by Craig
epvn wrote: business wants more control with less/ no devlopment.

Don't they all! :P

Do you deliver this by tank truck or rail car primarily? Why not use type 10 inspections for this material?


Re: inspection specification

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:40 pm
by cornea
You did not specify if the inspection must be done after production or when despatching, etc. If it is for 04 Inspection Type, I have some ideas from the top of my head, some more complex than other.

- Customer specific specification limits can be done using Variant Configuration, but I don't think this will work in this case. Variant Configuration is complex and not implemented often.
- One can manage the change of specification limits by using the Engineering Change Management functionality in SAP. There you can control the changes linked to a Date, but I have'nt look into this recently.
- Another way is to have a material per customer and then change the Inspection Specifications in the individual Inspection Plans. This is probably also not a good solution (same product with multiple Material Codes, etc.)
- The easier way may be to have an Inspection Plan per Customer/Date. The Inspection Lot is then manually assigned against the correct Plan after the Lot is created.
- Another option is to have the limits changed by a User-Exit that can read the specifications from a Z-table. This however assumes that you can distinguish between the customers in the structures sent by SAP (I_QALS, I_PLKO). This however involves ABAP develpment, which may not work in your case.
- If you really want to go crazy you can have one Inspection Plan and have Master Inspection Characteristics per Customer. You can then maintain the limits per customer-char and create the Certificate Profiles per customer, thus selecting only there test results.

As you can see, there are many ways (including those already mentioned) that may work, but the problem must be specified in more detail to give a good proposal or two. One will need to know where the inspection must be done (what will trigger the creation of the Inspection Lot), the number of materials, number of customers, etc.

Hope this helps and not make you more confused.

Re: inspection specification

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:28 am
by chrisn
As Craig mentioned multiple specs are probably the way to go. It's a bit of a pain to set up since you have to also use the engineering workbench to make the assignments/set specs but it does work.

Shouldn't need any development.