Update Quantative Data of MIC in Routing

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Ravi P. Davda
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Update Quantative Data of MIC in Routing

Post by Ravi P. Davda » Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:09 am

Hi All,

Thanks in advance for help.

I have Quantative Characteristics like Thicknes, Width, Length and so on. Their values varies from material to material. For Example

Material M1 : Thickness > 5, Widht > 3, Length > 10

Material M2 : Thickenss <5, Widht < 3, Length < 10

Material M3 : Thickness > 15, Width >24, Lenght < 10

and so on the values of MIC changes for each material.

I know I can assign MIC in Inspection Plan - QP01, but how to maintain quantative data of each MIC in plan so that multiple MIC's based on lenght can be avoided?

Best regards,

Ravi Davda

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Re: Update Quantative Data of MIC in Routing

Post by Craig » Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:26 am

Create general characteristics: Thickness_mm, Width_mm and Length_mm,
Create three mics and link with each with one of the above three general characteristics as reference MIC's.
Create a batch class "Dimensions"
Add the three general characteristics to the class. Set a spec range for each characteristic that is the most common spec range used.
For each characteristic make sure "Additional values allowed" is check on.
Assign the material to the batch class
In the material master set up the 04 or 01inspection type with "insp. with task list" and "insp. by mtrl spec."
Create an inspection plan with the three MIC's
In the material master, if the spec values for the material are different then what is in the class, modify them in the classification view of the material master.
Maintain the material spec

Now when you create an inspection lot, the specs from the class will be used. If you have modified any of the values in the classification view of the material master, those values will be used instead.


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Re: Update Quantative Data of MIC in Routing

Post by Trygve » Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:32 am

I'd also go for Craig's suggestion using referenced MIC's, inspect by Material spec. in additioon to the plan and maintain the spec in the class/material master.

But there might be an alternaitve, using Dependent Characteristic specs.
To do so, you must assign more than one material to the plan and where you maintain the MIC's in the plan there's a button for "Dependent Characteristic specs". You can play around a bit and see if that might be of interest.

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