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Insp. lots for Materials not maintained (without mat. nos.)

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Insp. lots for Materials not maintained (without mat. nos.)

Postby alishiraz » Fri Nov 01, 2002 12:25 pm


We are looking into the possibility if the system can create inspection lot automatically at the time of Good Receipt for Direct Procured Materials, i.e. Materials without Material Masters , (without Material Numbers). At this stage the system is creating inspection lots automatically for materials having material masters for which the QM inspection has been maintained only and does not create any inspection lot automatically where the material number field is blank in PO/GR.

We would appreciate if we get a feed back if it is possible and how can it be done ??. ( If it is not possible to create inspection lots automatically at the time of GR for Materials without material numbers (without material masters) then is it possible to create inspection lot manually ??, How ?.

We would apprecate sny feed back we can get on this topic.

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Postby QM-Dude » Mon Nov 04, 2002 6:26 am


you always need a material number to create inspection lot for GR. Otherwise there is absolutely no control possibility about the what and when and how regarding the inspection. You can:
A) Create material numbers for extisting/new material type(s)
B) Use a Dummy material and make use of an additional field (e.g. the batch or vendor batch number) to indify the material. Also the short/longtext of the insp. lot might be used or an identifier like inspection point or physical sample. Manual inspection lots only! Maybe create a new material type for that or make use of the existing ones which are defined as unvaluated. As manual lots are not quantity posting relevant, you will never get a stock overview.

Short answers. Hope that helps a bit.

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