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Sample Management - reg.

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Sample Management - reg.

Postby Karen Lume » Thu Oct 31, 2002 5:35 am

I'm a bit lost on the sample management issue. I've configured sampling procedure for fixed sample, valuation mode(attr. inspection non conforming/manual), with the dtermination rule '10' with sample management. Also, I've attached a sampling drawing-procedure(for two characreristics in two operations) for primary samples with fixed number '5' with a size factor of '2'.
Now, when I create a manual lot, the system gives a sample size of 30 (PC) if the lot qty is greater than 30 or it will give a sample size of equivalent to lot size if it (lot qty) is less than 30. My guess is that the sample size is determined by the function module(QDRS_FIXED_SAMPLE) attached to the determinatin rule. Is this assumption correct? If yes, is there a way to know before hand the sample size for any given lot qty.? If my basic assumption is wrong, then can somebody explain the logic behind the sample size calculation?
The next question, the number of physical samples for the above example is 30/5 = 6, then what is the size factor used for and how?
Pl. do help me to resolve these issues...??
Thanks a lot.
Karen. :shock:
Karen Lume

Sample management with Physical Samples?

Postby Daniel Pereira » Thu Oct 31, 2002 7:24 am

Hi Karen,
From your post it seems that you are trying to use Physical Samples in
conjunction with your sample management functionality.

Did you state at your Inspection Plan header details that you are using
Inspection Points and if that is the case which Sample-Drawing Procedure
should apply?

Also note that for some industries (eg process industries) the physical
sample calculation might not give what you need (eg besides "reserve"
samples you need also "stability" samples). In that case there are some
user-exits that might do the trick.

daniel pereira
Daniel Pereira
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Sample Management -reg

Postby Karen Kume » Thu Oct 31, 2002 7:34 am

Hi Daniel,
I've attached the sample drawing-procedure and inspection poinjts at the inspection plan header level and attched sampling procedure for each of the characteristics and not sample drawing-procedure as strated in my post.

The question is what is the logic for the sample size calculation?
Karen Kume

Postby Guest » Thu Oct 31, 2002 9:06 am


I'm not quite sure how the number of 30 is being derived at. I believe we are probably still missing something. But to the question of how your numbers are calulated.

When you specify that you have 5 fixed samples, you are saying that you need 5 final results basically. The size value of 2 means you are consuming 2 units, (of whatever UOM your using). So since your using PC as the UOM, your requiring 2 PC for each sample, or 5X2= 10 PC to complete the test.

Check your control indicators on your MIC. I think possibly you might have the 'destructive inspection' clicked on for some of your MIC's. That means if you have two destructive characteristics using this sample procedure they each require 10 units which = 20 units. Then your other tests also need 10 units for those tests which equals 30 PC.

For lots under 30, it assumes 100% testing.

I hope this helps, or at leasts points you in the right direction!


Postby Craig » Thu Oct 31, 2002 9:14 am

Didn't realize I wasn't logged in on last post. Sorry..

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Postby QM-Dude » Thu Oct 31, 2002 11:09 am


there are several ways to calculate the number of samples. If you work without pooled samples, SAP will create independent inspection points for each primary sample (physical samples are actually inspection points, check table QAPP). As you defined the sample quantitiy per MIC to 5 PC and defined a multipier of 2, you will get 10 pyhsical samples. If you get higher numbers it might be related to the control indicator 'additive sample'. If you set this indicator at MIC level, to get additional 10 primary samples for each MIC with this setting.

The problem you described may also be related to the inspection quantity defined per MIC. Pedning on the UoM you defined in your inspection plan, and according to alternative UoM in you material master and/or applicable conversion factors (see TA: CUNI) you might get a wrong number of samples. For e.g.: If you inspection plan says you need 100 g for a specific inspection, but the base unit of measure of the material is PC, you might have a conversion between PC and g. So 1 Piece might be 10 g, and instantly you will need 10 pieces to fulfill the requirement defined in ypur inspection plan.

Also check the inspection quantity in general. If you sample quantity is higher then the inspection lot quantity (also regard the conversion!), it looks like a 100 % inspection.

Feel free to ask anything about Sample Management, as SAP and our QM team work together in this area.

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