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Need for pictures in SAP screens - Please respond

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Need for pictures in SAP screens - Please respond

Postby nkagrawal » Mon Oct 28, 2002 2:04 pm

I am looking for scenarios within SAP where users experience a business need to see a picture of some associated object or activity in addition to data on an SAP screen.

In a typical scenario, such a picture is taken by a mobile worker using a wireless hand held computer in a warehouse, shop floor, office, factory gate or in field while executing a mobile transaction on the device. The picture (or image) is tied to the data (e.g. sales order) and can later be viewed from an SAP screen on a desktop. The hand held computer used in this scenario (such as WindowsCE based HHP Dolphin 7400RF) uses an imager in place of a laser.

An imager is a high resolution tiny b/w digital camera which is normally used for barcode scanning (in place of soon to be obsolete laser based scanning which can not decode 2D barcodes) but it can also take high resolution b/w pictures of an object or an activity in jpeg or bmp format.

Such a picture is as simple as of a signature on paper or as complicated as a document received from a customer or partner. It could also be of a package, a pallet, damaged goods, a storage bin, storage area, loading dock, a truck, production line, an alert situation or some activity worth reporting.

I would highly appreciate if you would please take a moment to think of some specific scenario in SAP and let me know.

Best Regards.

Narendra K Agrawal,HHP
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QM: where image caputing devices can be used?

Postby Daniel Pereira » Tue Oct 29, 2002 10:18 am

Hi Narendra,
From the top of my head and in what QM module is concerned your
mobile image capturing application/HW might be interesting for taking a
snap shot of:

-a Certificate of Analysis while performing a Good Receipt into
-a Chromatography or Ph reading;
-a Process Control sheet;
-a Calibrating report related with a certain process machine/tool.

Hope it helps.
daniel pereira
Daniel Pereira
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Postby Craig » Tue Oct 29, 2002 10:46 am

In order to comply to Hazmat requirements, chemical suppliers are required to inspect the interiors of trucks hauling any materials that have certain hazadous material ratings. I know some companies take pictures of the interiors of all trailers before loading to show that they did do the inspection . (well.. at least they took the time for the picture!!)

On the occasions that they have cause to reject a trucker's trailer, they also take pictures of the causes for rejection, I.e. rotting floorboards, protruding nails, etc.. It seems the manufacturer is responsible for over the road accidents involving their materials if it is shown that they loaded the hazardous material into an unsafe vehicle or improper vehicle.

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Postby Arnaud » Tue Oct 29, 2002 11:15 am


For QM, a picture is (often) needed to explain a defect in notifications (customer complaint, vendor...)
It could be useful in the inspection, for example: for a product which size is inspected at 100% with a camera; then the camera must be linked to SAP in order to record results automatically.
Hope it helps
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Postby QM-Dude » Wed Oct 30, 2002 6:25 am

Hi to all,

think about the document management capabilities of SAP. You can attach also any kind of document to a SAP object (like insp. lot, or notification) from rel. 4.6C on. Showing pictures directly in SAP screens would interfer quite deeply in SAP Kernel and is something I dont expect. Also think about the archiving concept of SAP. You can scan any document even under rel. 3.x and put it on an optical archive. With a little customizing the scanned object will be linked (manually or autoamtically, pending on the actual archiving scenario). Of course pictures are always helpful in some cases. But what had been mentioned so far can be covered right now with existing SAP functionality.

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Postby Craig » Wed Oct 30, 2002 6:59 am

Very true Dude.... but he simply asked for scenario's... Not whether or not it was a good idea.. :P :P

I assume he's go an idea for some new application and is looking for ideas on how to sell it to customers..

What might be nice would be if the wireless device served as both the document scanner or imager and as data input. Then allow the image to be used as you suggested.

Not sure if that's what the guy is thinking about or not. :?:

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Postby nkagrawal » Wed Oct 30, 2002 10:41 am

Craig is right that I have got an idea and looking for ways to demonstrate it to SAP customers.

One can always take pictures using a regular digital camera or scanners but later on transferring those pictures to SAP and assigning them to specific transactions for which they were meant for, could be very complicated and error prone. If a wireless computer (such as our Dolphin 7400RF) that a mobile worker is using to run SAP transactions can also take pictures then this task becomes very easy.

Once I identify a few good scenarios I will build some good demos.

I will welcome all opinions and feedback on good business cases as well as ideas on how to implement this in SAP.


Narendra, HHP
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Postby Phild » Wed Nov 06, 2002 6:47 pm

you could also use a Palm device like the clie with built in color camera. ...
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