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QM activation after GR, not allowing Goods mvt

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QM activation after GR, not allowing Goods mvt

Postby aji2000 » Thu Dec 02, 2004 1:29 am

Hi experts
A matl was created without QM activation(view)in mat master,GR was done into quality stock and,invoice and payment made. Then one of the users,added QM view for matl master with QM procurement active,QM control key, in matl master. Then he tried to move stocks to unrestricted stock from quality inspection. It's not allowing - message - QA495 - "Change the Inpection stock of material 1699000002 in QM only".
We tried to delete/change the inpection set up in QM, but in vain.
Similarly,in QA client i activated GR reversal after Invoice,simulated the
same scenario like production client,but no effect. Same message i am
getting when i tried with all kind of movements, with mb01-106,122 etc(Here for GR they do 103-then 105),also with MIGO, same. Also i tried return delivery MBRL, MB1B - 321 etc,MB1A....553,331...etc.No use. Pls help
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Postby Jan Erik » Thu Dec 02, 2004 4:42 am

From what you say, there must be an inspection lot generated for this material. Have you tried to find it in QA32? If the QM master data is not set up correctly, you will not be able to find it in QE51N.

Jan Erik
Jan Erik
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Postby Arnim » Fri Dec 03, 2004 12:03 pm

in case MM books the material (batch) to Q-Stock (No QM-View) and you want ot activate an insp. type afterwards you have to add an insp type in customizing on plant level!
Check plant settings --> Tab: Insp. Lot creation --> Field: InspTypeForInspStock

Sap Docu:
Inspection Type for Available Stock in Quality Inspection
The system creates inspection lots using the inspection type entered here, if quality inspection stock is available when a stock-relevant inspection type is activated. This applies to quality inspection stock, which is not managed by inspection lots

When activating using transaction QA08 "Mass change of QM inspection setup", inspection lots are created in the background that manage the already available inspection stock.
The parameters to control inspection lot processing (for example, the quality score procedure) are copied from the default values of the inspection type entered here.

To be able to differentiate between inspection lots created in this way and other inspection lots, you should create an additional inspection type that is only used for this purpose.

You can find further information on the procedure in the Implementation Guide .


Please check the Note: "Need to release stock from QI. Cannot do via Inspection Lot" It is the same problem and the solution is described there as well.
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Postby aji2000 » Sun Dec 12, 2004 12:04 pm

Hi Arnim,
Many thanks for reply.
I tried what you said, still not working. Went to qa08, activated an additional inspection type, despite insp stock, used only for this purpose, maintained in config also.
But still in qa32, i cannot see the particular batch to take a usage decision,quality stock visible in mmbe stock overview. As i said, no mvt types being allowed from mb1b etc(eg 321)
Getting error message------------
Message no. QA 495
You want to make a stock posting to/from the inspection stock. This is not allowed for material R1699000002 because the quality inspection control has been activated by QM.
The following cases can occur:
 The inspection stock should be increased, although an inspection is not foreseen for the current goods movement
 The inspection stock should be released, although you can only do this using the QM transactions.
System Response
You cannot carry out the stock posting.
Check both the QM inspection setup data and the movement type for material R1699000002 in the quality management view of the material master

Please let know.
Thanks in advance
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Postby Atul_Chitaley » Mon Dec 13, 2004 12:34 am

What I understood that you have made a GR with inspection setup active.

This has resulted to create inspection lot and stock is in QM. If Insp lot status is CRTD means you have to create Insp Task List and assign to Insp Lot and then take UD to post the stock.
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transfering of material.

Postby solanki » Mon Dec 13, 2004 2:38 am

what i understood is , the material was posted to inspection-restricted stock without activating the quality in M02. you have to cancell the document by using Tr MBST.
2. if you find the materila in QA3 as "CTRD" than assigned task list, enter result and while giving UD return the material. this will help store person to cancell the document.

with best regards.

Postby Salman » Tue Dec 14, 2004 4:39 am

Check this case, Since at time of creation of matl. QM proc data is not maintained, but maintained after the GR and IR. In this case change the settings as in the case of first settings with no proc. data. then cancel the GR. hope this works..



Postby Kannantn » Sat May 06, 2006 4:47 am

Now i am facing the same problem in inbound delivery. Let me know how you solved.
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