Leave screen and return to inbox

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Leave screen and return to inbox

Post by rameijn » Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:29 am


I have the following problem and I’m not an expert in workflow. But I have to make a little change in an existing workflow.
I created a fore ground task which could be assigned to a user and has to be confirmed when the task ends for processing. This task calls a method and this method calls a function. This function calls a screen where the user could make some changes in user data.
When the screen is closed I call statements “SET SCREEN 0. LEAVE SCREEN.”. But when I do so the screen and program is closed and the user is returned to main-menu.
The thing I want is that the screen of the function is closed and the program returns to the question screen if the item is completed and the workflow is continued. The user must then return to the workflow inbox.

Kind regards,

Richard Meijn

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