Appropriation request approval workflow

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Appropriation request approval workflow

Post by wooxun » Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:27 pm

Hi gurus,

We have the this issue with appropriation request approval workflow:
Once the APR was submit for approval, workflow will be triggerred and multiple level of approvers can go to APR to change the status of the APR through workflow, one after another. The event linkage is activated, no direct status change is possible. However, the initiator can go into the APR to change any field of the original APR which is in the way of being approved. In such case, the later approver might see different value/contents because it was changed since the earlier approvers approved it. The requirement is to make the change not possible once workflow is on the way.

How to lock all the fields once an APR is subject to approval in workflow?
Is there a way to cancel the workflow sent if the initiator want to make some changes to the APR?

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.


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