PO workflow daily reminder vs performance

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PO workflow daily reminder vs performance

Post by k4renm4c » Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:55 am

Hi Folks

I’m a functional SAP Logistics consultant but want to ask some workflow advice please? We are already using standard Purchase Order Workflow BUS2012 but I want to add additional functionality. Currently the workflow only goes out once to the approver (standard PO release with classification via org role assignments/agents). I want the WF to do a daily reminder or at least every 3 days to remind the users that there is workflow pending in their inbox. They look at it and forget - we still have unreleased Pos from Aug last year that are now redundant. I asked the developer to look at triggering a reminder workflow daily and also sending a copy of the reminder to their outlook email until the PO is released, but he came back to me with major concerns about the performance impact this could have due to the number of work items that could exist at any one time.

On average we create 30 POs per day, and 99% of PO release structures are 4 levels of release, thereby giving 120 work items per day (for this wf type but we do have others). Based on yesterday’s PO, where 29 were created, 13 are still unreleased at 10am today. If we assume 50% of POs are still unreleased on Day 2 or Day 3 a further 60 work items would be created daily.

I am looking to experienced WF consultants to ask if this is a concern and is there WF to reduce performance/database storage impacts eg can you run a program to delete WF items in the past? How do other people do it? I have seen daily reminders used elsewhere so looking for guidance on best practice please?

Any help appreciated!

Thanks so much

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