Standard Workflow settings for PM notiifcation

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Standard Workflow settings for PM notiifcation

Post by SAPPM2011 » Sun Dec 23, 2012 3:46 am


I have done following settings for Workflow in PM :

Activated BUS2038 for workflow task WS 20000317. This is for Event linkage

Under Agent assignement: For Task TS 20000545, I have assigned the agents as Department Org unit and few as Persons repsonsible.

Under Attirbutes for task, it is maintained as General Task.

This are the only settings I have done.

Now when I create a notification, In the Notification Screen: Responsibilities , Even If i dont assign any dept or person, the work item is recieved in every possible agent I have assigned in SPRO.I want it to be routed to only the responsible person assigned or to the dept which is assigned.

My doubt is : In notification config, do i need to maintain any rule for Notification processor under partner determination fucntion? What does it do?

Functionally If I assign the agent in notification screen under Repsonsibilites, will it work or I need to assign the agents under task.

Please help me out to achieve my requirement.



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Re: Standard Workflow settings for PM notiifcation

Post by Gothmog » Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:41 am

The recipients of the task will be the intersection of the set of possible users you defined, and the result of the rule used for determining the agent (here, using FM QQWF_RESPONSIBLE_FOR_NOTIF) - except if the rule doesn't find any agent : in this case, the recipients are all the possible agents.
You could check "Terminate if Rule Resolution has no Result" in the rule if you want to avoid that when no partner is found.

Check the function module, the relevant partner types depend on the notification type (table TQ80).
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