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Approver didn't receive notification in SBWP

PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 2:44 am
by edchua

I'm encountering a bug that I not sure what is the cause.

User A created PR. This PR is to be release by E and K. Once the PR is created, a notification appeared in E SBWP. Hence E is able to release the PR but once E release its code, the WF didn't trigger to K SBWP. When I check the PR Workflow Overview, it show no agent has been assigned (that is suppose for K to release).

Both E and K user id has been maintain in PFTC and PFAC_CHG and both are active user id. I have checked SWI2_FREQ and it does not show K as part of the agent to release as there are no records at all when K suppose to perform the final release.

Is there a step missing or something is missed out.