Check FM OK but Receiver FM not called??

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Check FM OK but Receiver FM not called??

Post by MattSinclair » Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:23 am

Hello all,

I have created custom Check and Receiver FM's on the LIKP.Created and LIKP.Changed events. The Check FM confirms that a particular Goods Movement has occurred on the Delivery, and the Receiver FM then calls a custom Method on the LIKP BO to perform a secondary Goods Mvmt.

This works fine in all our tests, apart from when the G/L Account for the Delivery is this case I can see from SWEL that the Check FM processes successfully but the Receiver FM never seems to be called. Instead, the primary Goods Mvmt occurs, but the user gets an express inbox message informing them of the G/L Account block, and the secondary Goods Mvmt never posts.

I don't understand why if the Check FM processes successfully the Receiver FM shouldn't then be called, unless the processing of the G/L Account block comes between the two and stops the call to the Receiver FM somehow?! Or could it be something to do with LUWs?

Any advice would be gratefully received....

Thanks, Matt.

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