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SAP External Notifications for WF - Lotus Notes Connector?

PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:05 pm
by SAPMMLover
Hi all,

I am running ECC 5.00 and will be implementing requisition approval workflow. One of the requirements is to send an email notification to the requisition approver when the requisition is ready for approval (the approver will then click the link on the email which will take them into their SAP Business Workplace Inbox where they will approve the requisition). We plan to use the standard solution for this (i.e. set up SWNCONFIG - extended notifications for SAP business workflow). We use a Lotus notes e-mail system, so the e-mail notifications from SAP will be sent to our Lotus notes e-mail addresses.

Question - is there anything specific that needs to be set up on the Lotus notes side? I have heard of something called Lotus Notes Connector? Is this another component that is required to make this work? Or are the regular SAP Connect, SICF, and SWNCONFIG settings only required?