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Triggering a program after outbound IDOC posted

PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:52 am
by ralph67

I would like to trigger the execution of a program in SAP right after the IDOC (eg DESADV - Outbound) was successfully passed to the port.
Indeed, according to the specifications, I am supposed to take the IDOC as an input of the mapping program that I have to develop so as to output a text file for an external system. The IDOC and the mapping program are submitted in the same SAP system.

I was first thinking of defining a RFC port, from which on reception of the IDOC I could submit the mapping program. But I don’t know how to trigger the exection of the mapping program from the definition of the port (WE21/SM59).

Then I thought about using a standard event of the business object IDOCDESADV to trigger a task of a workflow but these events are only issued for an Inbound DESADV.

Do you have any idea on how to deal with that situation in a decent way ?

Thanks in advance.