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Rule Resolution abnormal behaviour !!

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Rule Resolution abnormal behaviour !!

Postby SameerAnwar » Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:00 pm

I have created a rule for picking the agents for a complex org stucture which has different conditions as per the HR policies..Thats why standard Rule 168 cannot be used here ...
Earlier the rule was working fine in PRD with pernr, begda,endda elements..
Now as per the new requirement, I had to add reinr,country_beg and activity type into the rule..
I am doing the binding correctly between the WF container and the rule :-

Workflow Rule 'Approval by Manager

Note that :- This is a decision task and I have made the task as General for agent assignment as well...
Data types match equally between the WF container's TRIP BO and the Rule container's elements ..
I have also checked :- Terminate if Rule Resolution has no Result ..
Now the Abnormal Behaviour :
1. When, I am trying to simulate the rule by giving just the first element value : Avtivity type and scrolling down, the simulation screen disappears and it comes back to PFAC main transaction.. It is not allowing me to scroll down and enter other values..
2. Without entering the Activity type, If I directly scroll down it is allowing and when I enter the PERNR for the simulation and press execute, again the screen disappears and comes back to the main PFAC T.code..

I feel the binding is correct and the data is moving to the Rule , but the rule is either not accepting the values...
Moreover, I am pretty confident that If the Values from Rule pass to the FM AC_CONTAINER, my FM is working fine and giving the agents.. (This is because, I have tested the FM separately by giving values to the AC_CONTAINER) ..

I hope, my question is clear ...

Pls share your comments on this piece ...

Also, Finally let me know , how can we check the runtime data flowing from WF conatiner to Rule conatiner ...

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