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How to get approver

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How to get approver

Postby fabioaj » Tue May 25, 2010 6:19 am

Hi experts,

I'm working with PR workflow (Workflow for overall release of requisition) and I've created another step in workflow WS20000077. In this step I'm using a task that call an Abap class method in background, and inside this method i need to get the id of the approver.
The problem is that when the task run in background, the approver is updated to 'WF-BATCH' and i can't get real approver.
I've developed the method below to try to solve this problem, but i couldn't solve it completly, because in this method i'm only searching for approvers of type 'US' (Agent assigned to Users). I don't know how to get the approver when the agent is assigned to for example: Role, Position or Job.

Code: Select all
   DATA: v_rel_grp(2).

  select single ernam frggr
    into (me->usr_solict, v_rel_grp)
    from eban
   where banfn = me->preq_no. "pre-requisition number

  select single objid
    from t16fw
    into me->usr_approv
   where frgco = me->release_code "release code
     and frggr = v_rel_grp
     and otype = 'US'.


I would like to know if is there another way, like a function module, a service or table that i can get the approver when the object type is not a "US" (User).

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