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Workflow starts despite start condition

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Workflow starts despite start condition

Postby JoJenn » Tue Mar 24, 2009 6:52 am


I have a Workflow set up in the Production system (4.7) for Purchase Order approvals (BUS2012).

Against this Workflow I have a start condition whereby it should only start where a specific Purchasing Group is found. However it is allowing any Workflow to start where the release group is the same as the Purchasing Group I do want it to start for. I.e the only release group I have allocated as '1' for Workflow relevance (S_ALR_87002190) - even though this should be captured and found to be false under the start condition check.

- SWETYPV has the check function module SWB_CHECK_FB_START_COND_EVAL
- Start condition is active in SWB_COND. When I evaluate the condition with test data I correctly get the 'false' result. Curiously if I provide it with test data from a recently incorrectly started Workflow , it correctly tells me it is false - yet at runtime it has allowed the Workflow to start. Same scenario with SWUE.
- Problem cannot be replicated in Dev or QA clients - only apparent in Live.
- In Live the table SWBRULECOU contains the start condition expressions stamped against version 9999

Any ideas??


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