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Purchase Requisition Standard Workflow

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Purchase Requisition Standard Workflow

Postby mcarvalh » Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:54 am

Dear SAP Gurus,

I activated the standard workflow WS00000038. This is the standard
workflow for purchase requisition approval.

It has 4 tasks:

a) TS00007986: Requisition Release
b) TS00008014: Negative Confirmation (Release Rejected)
c) TS00008018: Positive Confirmation (Requisition Released)
d) TS00008348: Confirmation: release cancelled

I configured the purchase requisition release strategy and it is
working perfectly. To the first task I assigned the approvers I wanted.
In soe cases I assigned directly users and in some cases I used HR

The last 3 tasks were configured as general tasks according to the
documentation avaialble in the SAP Help.

I want SAP to send e-mails to the approvers for them to release the
pruchase requisitions. I also want e-mails to be sent to the
requisitioners when the requisitions were approved or rejected. I want
these e-mails to be sent only to the requisitioner.

To send the e-mails, I am using the program RSWUWFML2.

Initially I had an issue. no work items were being generated for
rejections or approvals. I fixed this by linkinbg this tasks to events.
So I am able to generate work items for them. Now I have 2 issues and I
really would appreciate your help:

a) Work items for rejections and approvals are being sent to
everybody's inbox. They are not being sent only to the requisitioner,
but to every user in the system. I tried tweaking with the agents in
these tasks without success. Since this is standard it should work, Ido
not understand what is the issue. For the first taks everything works

b) The program RSWUWFML2 is not sending e-mails for rejected
requisitions and approved requisitions. Only e-mails for approval
required are being sent.

Any idea on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Purchase Requisition Standard Workflow

Postby pcoyle » Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:57 pm

MCarvalh -

I know your issue is almost a year old now, but I was curious if you ever found a solution to it.

If you did, could you expound on what it was you did to resolve it?

I'm interested because we are thinking of doing the same thing - email SAP workflow work items to business user's Outlook inboxes - and would like to avoid any issues like yours.

Hope you still come back to this site once in awhile, and have an answer for me one way or the other.

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