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PO Release SAP Standard WF: 20000075

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PO Release SAP Standard WF: 20000075

Postby Josto1 » Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:19 am

Hey SAP-Cracks,

I successfully customized the PO release process. So new PO's over a certain value have to be unblocked.
Now the next step is: Set up the Workflow - which I did - no modifications - i used the Standard.

After I created a new PO with a too high value the PO is blocked and I get a notification in the Business Workplace - everything looks fine. And in addition I can go direct to ME29N and release it - it works.

BUT-in addition there is also an EMAIL in SOST for the Administrator.
Error processing following event linkage:

Following error occurred:

I doublechecked the error and i looks like there is a problem with the ReleaseCode.
The ReleaseCode should be imported from table:
T16FC - FRGCO (SAP-Standard) - and there actually is a relase code.
When i test it (SWUS) and use a ReleaseCode i don't get an error.
I have no idea why the releasecode is not able to be filled.

When I try to test the workflow without adding a release code i get the same error...but no idea why.

I searched already in hte forum - but found nothing what helped me.

Does somebody has an idea?
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Re: PO Release SAP Standard WF: 20000075

Postby JoJenn » Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:58 am

You need to double check your binding - firstly that the release code is bound in the event to workflow binding, and secondly the release code should be bound from the Workflow to Task too. You should also make sure that the import/export parameters are set on the workflow release code container element so that the code can be passed out to the task container element.
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