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SUIM report

PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:58 pm
by natalia34
i want to take a report but i dont know how can i take it to excel report

Report is the below.

SUIM- --> S_TCODE = SM36,Authorization Object 1: S_BTCH_ADM = Y; Authorization Object 2: S_BTCH_JOB = * for Job Operations and * for Summary of jobs for a group; Additional selection criteria – Unlocked users only

when i go to suim i see a screen like that. ... 9xUwbl.png
after i go to suim, i dont know where will i run(type) se36 and choose S_BTCH_ADM, S_BTCH_JOB, etc.

Can you show me please? thank you very much


Re: SUIM report

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:20 am
by Snowy
I am moving this out of SAP Basis forum.

Re: SUIM report

PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 2014 5:27 am
by ket
SUIM - User - Users by complex selection criteria - Users by complex selection criteria

Selection by values - this is where you enter the objects & values you want to report on (3). Entry values / return opens up the fields after the object in input.

Selection by Locks - this is where you say locked users (by admin / incorrect logon) or not.
I wouldn't worry too much about the lock criteria, as the results show locks anyway.

You can save the results screen to a spreadsheet etc.