Authorization - Use System Fields As Object Value

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Authorization - Use System Fields As Object Value

Post by titzik » Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:11 am


I want to use sap system fields as the value of authorization object fields in PFCG.
like the username sy-uname.
or like user default parameters
How can I do it?

I have transaction (like n2tbs) that the user has to write his username in one field.
the authorization system wants him to have an objet with the username in the value.
I don't want to make 1500 rolls to my 1500 users.
I want to write in this objet value, the system parameter sy-uname, or use one of their default parameters.

Thank You.

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Re: Authorization - Use System Fields As Object Value

Post by Al. » Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:44 am


Assuming that there will be some customisation required you have some other options:

- Use the enhancement framework to default sy-uname into the field and make the field uneditable.

- Use a parameter ID to populate the field and use a screen variant to make the field uneditable. This would mean you need to restrict users from changing their own PID's and someone would have to maintain it against the user (manually or a scheduled job could do it).

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