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p_orgin vs p_orgincon

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p_orgin vs p_orgincon

Postby Count » Thu May 16, 2013 8:35 pm

hey guys... got a few questions hopefully you will be able to enlighten me.
I do know my hr auths on an ok level in the sense I know the difference between the above said objects and the usage of the orgincon thingy having said that I am looking for some specific answers on its usage let me explain
1. is it ok to switch off p_orgin then switch on p_orgincon and structurl auths switches in t77s0 and use p_orgincon only to configure primary hr auths (regular as well as structural)?
2. my firm belief is: you should go down the regular auths (p_orgin) then the structural profiles in the traditional direct/indirect assignment where required and only use p_orgincon for what it is designed for i.e. context sensitive auths.
3. hmm this is related to structural profiles... but nah I would prefer discussing this with one of you gurus in person over beer, it will become too philosophical/funny for a public forum I guess...

any insights on the first 2 points above guys? thanks in advance for your help :) :)

cognosce te ipsum, corripe cervisiam ;)

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Re: p_orgin vs p_orgincon

Postby Al. » Thu May 23, 2013 4:33 am

Hi Count

1. Yes, no problem.
2. If you don't need context then don't do it. If you do then make the full switch. KISS as always
3. Happy to hook you up with one of my team who is a guru in this area. Just PM me.

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