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Creating a credit memo

SAP Security

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Creating a credit memo

Postby Franke2012 » Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:49 am


I am not a system admin, I am a end-user trying to decipher SAP access. My question is in regards to the level of detail I need to review access to determine if someone has the ability to create and release a credit memo.

If someone has objects:

with access to all fields and all activies to the authorizations under those objects.
However, the person doesn't have access to transaction VA01 or VA02, but has access to VF02?

Then that person should be able to issue a credit memo in our SD module? Is that a correct statement, or am I completely missing something?

Thanks in advance to any help,
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Re: Creating a credit memo

Postby os » Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:00 am

Why should they have application object authorizations to create credit memos if they cannot start any application to create credit memos?

There are some use cases for this (not using workflow approvals is an example), but you must secure the calling application programs.

If your roles are well built, then you can use the where-used-list from the authorizations tab in PFCG and it will tell you where the objects and hopefully field values are coming from.

If someone popped a * into the fields or created manual / changed authorizations then you will need to go looking in the documentation of the role.... (good luck!)
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