DMS Designing structure

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DMS Designing structure

Post by skrishna111 » Tue May 04, 2010 4:03 am

Hi Friends,

We are implementing DMS in our organization. Our file storing system is explained below.

1st level - Vendor name (like Nyro / Hydraulics / techno )
2nd level - Project name (like A1 / A2/ A3)
3rd level - Dept. (like Civil / electric/ admin)
4th level - Type (like Drawings / docs / memos)

We want to give authorization to one group combination of levels like in 1st level - Nyro, 2nd level- A2, 3rd level -3rd level - admin, so on...our requirement is to store documents at various levels along with authorization.

our requirement is not to have individual doc. authorization, which we can do on each document on authorization tab assigning user / user group.

I need to send the work flow item to different set of persons on storage of document on each level on each status.

We can do this with classification (by creating characteristics / class and attaching to doc. type) but I can't have authorization at individual class or characteristic , i.e. I can control at doc. type only. Since we have three characters for doc. type code we need to make many doc. types considering above scenario.

By using Document structure we can make BOM by linking the two or more docs. with qty.

Is there any best way ?

Sai Krishna

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Re: DMS Designing structure

Post by thx4allthefish » Tue May 04, 2010 5:19 am

it might be much wiser to use authorisation groups in your documents.

it would require that the field is never blank, so that every document has an authorisation group set - but afterwards it would be easy to distinguish plus: you only need one document-type (at least because of authorisations).


Check out authorisation objects: C_DRAW_BGR


PS: I am moving this to the Security-Forum.
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